Adult wet dog food: 400g Turkey + Pumpkin with milk thistle

Adult wet dog food: 400g Turkey + Pumpkin with milk thistle

Grain-free/cereal-free wet food for adult dogs.

✔ High meat content
✔ Vegetables and herbs
✔ No grains or gluten (no rice or corn)
✔ No artificial flavours or preservatives
✔ Made in Germany

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Wet food for dogs: Turkey + Pumpkin with carrots, safflower oil, herbs, and milk thistle (400g can).

wet dog food adults

Wet food for dogs as a grain-free/cereal-free complete food. With practical pull-ring (no can opener required). Nutricanis Turkey + Pumpkin flavour wet food is a species-appropriate, grain-free/cereal-free complete food for adult dogs. Our dog food is made from the best ingredients, including high-quality turkey meat, fresh vegetables, and fine herbs. It provides your dog with essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and nutrients, and it also tastes good. Due to its composition, our wet food for dogs is also suitable for sensitive dogs and dogs with allergies.

Ingredients in our Turkey flavour wet dog food

64% turkey consisting of turkey heart, turkey meat, turkey liver, turkey neck, 29.4% broth, 3% pumpkin, 3% carrot, 0.2% milk thistle, 0.2% safflower oil, 0.2% herbs.

Wet dog food without grains or gluten

We aim to prevent possible sensitivities and allergies and therefore do not use grains or gluten-containing ingredients. We also do not use preservatives, artificial flavourings, attractants, or sugar. Nutricanis Turkey + Pumpkin wet dog food is well tolerated and geared towards the needs of your dog.

Wet dog food with milk thistle

Our wet dog food also contains milk thistle. Milk thistle is an important medicinal plant that has been used since the 16th century to treat hepatobiliary disorders. We use the seven-millimetre long seeds in our recipes, since they contain precious silymarin. Silymarin can protect, strengthen, and detoxify the liver. It is also said to stimulate the flow of bile and thus to have a positive effect on digestion. In addition, extract of milk thistle contains antioxidants that naturally protect the immune system against aggressive free radicals. Like other ingredients, silymarin is not a miracle substance that helps quickly and when taken just once. Rather, Nutricanis wet food contains a carefully-balanced dosage that is designed to support the natural liver function. This means that feeding your dog Nutricanis wet food on a regular basis can promote his health in the long term.

Our promise

As a matter of course, we disclose 100% of the ingredients we use. Nutricanis dog food contains only the ingredients listed on the package. All of our products are developed without animal testing.

Suitable for

Poids net en g 400
Taille du chien Toy, Petit, Moyen, Grand, Très grande
Âge de croissance du chien Adulte, Sénior
Niveau d'activité du chien Normalement Actif, Actif
Pays de production Allemagne

Ingredients: 64% turkey consisting of turkey heart, turkey meat, turkey liver, turkey neck, 29,4% broth, 3% pumpkin, 3% carrot, 0,2% milk thistle, 0,2% thistle oil, 0,2% herbs

Constituants analytiques au kg

Protéines brutes en % 10,3
Graisses brutes en % 5,8
Fibres brutes en % 0,5
Cendres brutes en % 2,5
Valeur énergétique : VE en Kcal 112,50 / 100g
Humidité en % 75

Additifs - ajoutée par kg


Vitamine D3, E671 en IE 200 I.E.
Vitamine E, alfa-tocophérol en mg 30

Les oligo-éléments

Manganèse (sulfate de manganèse, E5 en mg) 3
Zinc (sulfate de zinc monohydraté, E6 en mg) 15
Iode (iodate de calcium, E2 en mg) 0,75

Les conditions d'entreposage

Store in a cool, dry place.

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